It’s All Downhill From Here (Plumbing)- Kitchen Sink and On-Demand Water Heater

Kitchen Sink

Darin pipe and new water lines going around the corner from where the old sink was.
The sink drain connection to the HepVo and then the drain pipe.
The PEX lines and drain pipe extending around the corner behind the shelving.
Plumbing dry-fitted with uninstalled sink before countertops were put in.

On-Demand Water Heater

The old water heater tank and connections for the old sink.
Hot and cold water PEX connecting to the new tankless water heater.
The plumbing and water heater barely visible in the overall scheme of the new kitchen.
Our finished kitchen in use!



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Samantha Goodwin

Samantha Goodwin

Writing to you from beautiful Coastal Oregon (Tillamook area), I’m a Forest Service Botany Field scientist, backpacker, farm wife, DIYer, and writer.