The Wind Rose: Rebuild — The Flip-Up Dining Table

The dinette when we first bought the trailer. Wow, what a change!
The nearly-finished product, so you can picture it as I explain. You can see the door on one side and the pantry on the other, both taken into account with this design.
My husband, using the shelf pin jig so make perfect holes for adjustable shelving.
The piece of trim screwed into the front of the shelf.
The piece I used for the sink, from the same larger piece that also became the table.
Testing out the whitewash on half of a scrap piece of wood. I had to do multiple coats to get the level of white I wanted.
The tabletop. Whitewashed and poly-ed.
Painted, hinged, folded down, and ready for the move.
Full shelves, stackable stools, and a flipped-out table.



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Samantha Goodwin

Samantha Goodwin

Writing to you from beautiful Coastal Oregon (Tillamook area), I’m a Forest Service Botany Field scientist, backpacker, farm wife, DIYer, and writer.