The Wind Rose: Rebuild — Finishing the Kitchen

The toe-kick panel stapled on the bottom of the angled shelf (next to the pantry).
Using a large level as a guide for my circular saw. Nice, straight cuts!
The first shelf in place.
The range cabinet, paneled with scrap wood.
So lovely!
Installed butcher block, sink, and stove with shelving.
The overhead shelf in progress, leaning up against the wall, as well as the general state of the trailer during the final crazy month.
Side view of the overhead shelf with the range hood and dome light. One of two support stands shown.
All empty and ready to be filled with our stuff!



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Samantha Goodwin

Samantha Goodwin

Writing to you from beautiful Coastal Oregon (Tillamook area), I’m a Forest Service Botany Field scientist, backpacker, farm wife, DIYer, and writer.